Our Franchise Process

1. This Is Just The Veganing

If you’re interested in franchising, don’t be shy, say hi! Send us a message and our team will be in touch shortly.

2. We’ve Bean Waiting For You

Thanks for reaching out! Let’s take the time to really get to know each other and find out if we could be the perfect franchise fit.

3. No Whey, It’s Discovery Day

Now it’s time to come to our location and see the success of Bo Tree firsthand. Here you can really learn what the company culture is all about.

4. Planting The Seed

Next we will send over our Financial Disclosure Document with all the detailed information you need. Take your time to review it thoroughly.

5. Get The Grains

This step is all about securing your financing! Be sure to apply for any funding you may need to meet the investment requirements.

6. The Ripe Time To Sign

We’re ready to commit! We will send over our Financial Agreement (FA) and once you’ve signed on the dotted line, it’s official. Welcome to the Bo Tree family.

7. Lettuce Start Training!

Let’s begin our comprehensive training program in two phases. Phase one includes 2 to 3 weeks of initial training at our headquarters beginning 12 weeks before opening about administrative, operational, sales, and marketing matters. Phase two takes place on-site once operations commence for 7 to 10 days to get the franchisee fully comfortable with the Bo Tree business.

100% Powered By Plants

Bo Tree is pioneering a lane of our own in the plant based cuisine market by offering hand-crafted, healthy, always fresh fares with exceptional customer experience and strong brand identity. You won’t find our one-of-a-kind products and inviting environment anywhere else!

Simple to Operate

The Bo Tree model is simple and runs smoothly with a reasonable number of employees and workload, on average just 3 back staff and 3 servers. Our business provides a very basic operational structure so you can plug and play based on the proven model.

Flagship Locations

We have been operating a super strong prototype location for several years, used to form the model for franchising. Our first flagship is accessible and provides a perfect blueprint for running a profitable restaurant.

Unique Concept

Our Asian Fusion focus makes us different from any potential competition! You won’t find our fresh and creative dishes anywhere else. In today’s market, the average consumer wants a new and high-quality dining experience.

Commitment to Quality

Bo Tree’s first location has been in operation since 2019, with an extreme focus on providing only the best ingredients, products, and experience to the customer. This wisdom has driven us to a high level of success and growth ever since.

Profitable Business

Bo Tree provides a very impressive potential ROI with a reasonable start-up cost for a business of this kind and applicability in a wide range of markets. Our concept is set up for profitability and success.

Our Unbeetable Support Makes Business Soy Much Better

We provide the knowledge, experience, technology, and equipment necessary to make each Bo Tree a profitable business, along with quarterly reviews and a dedicated franchisee support team.

Comprehensive Training:

An extensive dual-phase initial training program helps set up our franchise partners with all the knowledge they need to run a Bo Tree.

Operational Support:

We will provide ongoing support in unit operations and maintenance, product ordering, food preparation, suggested pricing guidelines, and administrative procedures.

Site Selection:

We offer guidance on site selection including a lease worksheet, demographic details, and visits to approve locations.

Marketing Support:

We will help leverage our unique and recognizable brand and coordinate the development of advertising materials, strategies, and consumer marketing plans.

Ongoing Development Support:

We will provide continued research methods and techniques to enhance profitability.

Financial Overview

The minimum initial investment for a Bo Tree franchise is $235,000 to account for all start-up costs including the franchise fee. 

Franchise Fee $30,000
Royalty Fee
of Gross Sales
Local Advertising
of Gross Sales
Corporate Marketing Fund
of Gross Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

Potential franchise candidates must exhibit a willingness and commitment to serving quality food and providing good service for the customer! 

Yes! We offer exclusive territories to all of our franchisees based in a defined area with a 40,000 population center or a 10 KM radius from the nearest location, whichever is less.   

We offer all franchisees the knowledge and tools needed to create the best possible plant-based experience through comprehensive training, expert guidance, and ongoing support. 

Franchise Fee: $30,000

Royalty Fee: 5% of Gross Sales

Local Advertising: 2% of Gross Sales

Corporate Marketing Fund: 1% of Gross Sales